…an altered state of consciousness… the mind and body functions at its peak, time slows, and a sense of poise prevails. Truly alive and absorbed. Performance. This is the Flowstate.

Focused on outdoor specialty cinematography and action sports, we go further to get the shot. With our expedition background, we’re not afraid. If it’s imaginable, we tackle the task. “No” means “now”, easy is not an option. We find our flow where practical logic meets adventure and fantasy.

Expedition leader Steve Fisher has been a professional kayaker almost as long as he has been a cinematographer, his roles synonymous. He lives life like he paddles and has been been recognized for his accomplishments by the likes of Nat Geo, The Explorers Club, Outside Magazine, GQ, Emmy, TED, X-Dance and more.  His continued long term sponsorships with companies like Jeep and Red Bull are a testament to his ability to turn dreams into true stories. This, combined with his ability to draw in the right team for each project, makes ‘Flowstate Narratives’ not only highly capable, but also adaptable to any challenge.